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Guardians of the Galaxy

In Short: Totally Awesome.

Long: At first I was pretty skeptical since it featured a tree person and a talking raccoon. But than I learned Karen Gillian was in it, saw some stills, and got hyped up. I was ready for it not to live up to the hype since that’s what usually happens. But the movie drew me in and the fact that I actually remember all of the Guardians and most of the enemies’ names despite never have heard/seen them before is how much I got into the movie. I’m really surprised it actually lived up to ALL the hype.

Now for my really ramble-y bits.

Spoilers below:

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Spotting a good picture to use as a manip \o/

Find out it’s too small or low res to do much with anything >_<

Back to work *sigh*

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Jetlag sucks. Messing up my already crappy sleeping schedule.

Soon as I get over it, Imma be manipping and writing stuff. I miss Vastra and Jenny and can’t go into their tags cuz of spoilers. >_<

I still have no idea what’s going on in Deep Breath and plan to keep it that way until the episode airs!

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